Maintaining its Turkish authenticity and accepting the modernization to get the best of both can be seen in Icmeler (pronounced 'Itch-mel-air').Icmeler means to drink.It is located on the meeting point of two sea Mediterranean sea and  Aegean .


There are many places to go in Icmeler and make a fantastic holiday trip especially for families and children the Jeep Safaris, boat trips  and beaches are very enjoyable.

Icmeler   Some of the attractions are good old villages, long clean beautiful beaches , Ice skating ,Horse Riding, Rafting, Scuba Diving, Paragliding, Turkish Baths, Beach Parties, Turtle Beach, Shopping, Nightlife ,Bars , waterfalls ,mud bath and the best of all you can see by yourself when you visit Icmeler.

People are very helpful and it is not for their benefits ,it is in their culture to treat guests well. here and

All you need to make a vacation fantastic are available at Icmeler Holidays.


Its history is linked to Marmaris going back to 3000 B.C. There are many historical monuments in this area but a proper study and excavations have not been done to link it to the human civilization. Last it was ruled by the Turks and the Turkish culture is predominant in Icmeler.


It is located 8 km from Marmaris ,the more popular turkey holiday spot. Icmeler is a quiet , less crowded beach resort surrounded by mountains covered with pine forests.


Dolmus is the popular word here for transportation. Dolmus are mini buses found on all roads. There are also car, taxi, Municipal buses , Safaris and boats available for traveling. cheap holidays abroad


Icmeler is a cloth hub ,you can go shopping for exclusive dress materials and some of the most entertaining markets at Icmeler are the Wednesday markets held weekly by locals where you get everything.





Even if you are not good at bargaining practice it here at the weekly markets and you would be amazed at the results.

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Summers are good to be visited ,temperatures going up to 36 C in July and August.

Most of the restaurants and hotel serve food suiting Brits. You can also get here a restaurant for your choice of food Chinese, Turkish etc. Cost of various items like soft drink bottle ,meals are from 1 Euro to a maximum 8 Euro.Turkey Holidays

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